Friday, August 31, 2007

Cristian Castro's nuts

First he says everything in his marriage is ok. Then he goes to People Magazine and tells them that he's seperated from his wife. Then his wife and he both denied that anything was wrong with their relationship, basically calling People Magazine liars. People Magazine rightfully fired back, stating that they had audio proof of Cristian Castro's interview where he states that his marriage was falling apart. Now divorce papers surfaced where Cristian petitioned for a divorce from his pregnant wife Valeria. And his mother, who he was really close with before he got married, states that she doesn't love her son anymore. I don't necessarily agree with taking everything to the media, especially stating that you don't love your own son anymore or you love him less then you used to, but still, his actions are mental. Personally, I think he's doing it all for publicity.

P.S. - His wife needs to learn that bras were created for a purpose.


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